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Greetings RSCEmulation Vets!

First and foremost, I would like to welcome you all back to the server that started it all, RSCEmulation. Although we have a new "modernized" version which we have dedicated our focus on, we still pride ourselves on the successful RuneScape Classic server RSCEmulation is, and the standard this server set for ALL RuneScape Classic private servers to date.

The re-launch of this version, which we refer to as the "classic" version of RSCEmulation, will be kept up for anyone/everyone to log in to and continue from where they left off. The reason behind us putting this version back up, was due to another frowned upon member of the community, taking sources from a previous owner (Saders, RIP) and leaking them without permission. In addition, said user is attempting to relaunch our server, under their control.

We would like to caution you all NOT to play said users version, as it is the unofficial version, and could lead to your private information being exposed, as well as other security risks.

If you want to play this version (we urge you to play it here) and had a v1/v2 account, you should be able to log in, without any issue(s). If you did not have an account here, not to worry, you can still create an account and play this version, if you choose to do so. We have also taken the necessary steps to unban ALL the accounts who were banned, giving everyone a new chance at the "classic" RSCEmulation experience.

Useful Links:

Game Installer
Client zip
Our Current Game

We maintain the goal of progressing our current version, but we MAY assign some users to help with this version (including development, moderators, etc), IF activity increases, and we feel it necessary.

We would like ... [ Read More ]

Views: 408 Replies: 9 Posted by: Pyru 07/Mar/2019

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